The Alsatian vineyard... a diamond mine

It is not on gold that we walk on and work every day, but on real diamonds that we must learn how to shape, cut and enhance to bring out the very best

Aimé Ehrhart

Planted on a geological fault, the Alsatian vineyard benefits from a multitude of soils: granite, schist, clay, limestone, clay-limestone, marl-limestone, marl-limestone-sandstone ... a veritable mosaic of soils which gives the Alsatian wines a supplement of soul !

Sheltered from oceanic influences by the Vosges Mountains which provides it with one of the lowest rainfall in France (500 to 600 mm of rain per year), it also benefits from a sunny, hot and dry semi-continental climate, favourable to a good maturation of the grapes and allowing to obtain fine and aromatic wines.

In Alsace, we find 7 different grape varieties, some native to the region, but also great classics of french (and german)  viticulture - 6 whites : Sylvaner, Riesling, Muscat, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Grs and Gewurztraminer and one red : Pinot Noir...

Le vignoble alsacien... une mine de diamants