Know-how and values : respect and rigour to enhance the grape

The Antoine Ehrhart House aims to combine tradition, ancestral know-how and technological development. A watchword? ... the rigour !

Every day, it works in the direction of a qualitative research by following the evolution of its vines but also of its land and attaches premium importance to the process of the vinification.

The quality of the raw material ; the grape is its priority !
But this work of integrity must imperatively be attached to the respect of the soil !
Attentive and patient, we guide what the land offers us. A rigorously controlled vinification process follows to give birth to wines with a strong personality.

Notre savoir-faire

It is this respect throughout the technical itinerary that allows both the grape variety, but also the terroir, to fully express themselves once in the glass.

It is important to underline that, if the vinification allows each vintage to express its full potential, it is always in the vineyard that the wines are born !

Full-bodied, opulent and epicurean wines are the result of this quality work, optimal monitoring and attention - constant and precise - from the vine to the bottle.