The vines of the Ehrhart House

Our multiple terroirs enable us to work at best in the typicity of each grape variety

Aimé Ehrhart

The Wines and Crémants d'Alsace Antoine Ehrhart cultivates each of the 7 Alsatian grape varieties and is fortunate to own vineyard plots in 7 distinct towns around the village of Wettolsheim.
This allows to enjoy the great diversity of soils and exposures that Alsace knows.

Even more so, since some of them are located among the exceptional terroirs of the Grands Crus Hengst and Steingrübler.
The Lieu-dit Rosenberg also comes as an addition to these prestigious terroirs !
Nos vignes

Respect for the terroirs and the grapes, alone, allows us to give birth to quality wines.

Aimé Ehrhart

The richness and mineral variety of the soils offer a personality, characteristics and particular affinities with the different grape varieties.
Depending on the terroirs, the vines and more particularly the grape varieties do not develop in the same way and the wines are fundamentally different.
For each soil, the search for a balance between the affirmation of the Terroir, the expression of the Vintage and the characteristics of the grape variety is essential ...

This is why the property's cultivation practices are adapted to achieve the desired quality.

The vines are, above all, cultivated in a traditional way, in the spirit of attentive respect for nature and the expression of the soils.

The entire vineyard is managed in a sustainable way. Respectful of the environment, the latter makes it possible to reduce the use of inputs as much as possible.

Observation and vigilance are the key words

Here, the essential elements are the control of yields and constant monitoring to adapt, as best as possible, its cultivation practices. The vine must be in perfect harmony with its environment !

Aimé Ehrhart